Investment Criteria: Tips on Pitching Your Startup to the Seed Equity Team

In 2015, we reviewed over 600 pitches from startups and launched eight of those on our platform for funding. Here are some tips to help your pitch meet our investment criteria.

Proven Management

We look closely at the management team, in particular for solid founders who have a proven track record of building a successful company. We look for founders that are passionate and optimistic, while also understanding the challenges that early startups face.

The Market

We seek companies that are competing in markets of at least $1B. A company that is working to disrupt a large market that hasn’t seen much innovation is a plus.

Business Model

Companies pitching our investment team must convey that their business model is well thought-out with at least minimal validation, is scalable and sustainable.


In general, a startup must have traction and growth in users, revenue or both. Significant month-over-month growth is something we look for.

Exit Strategy

We look for investments that have several potential exits, specifically between two and five years after the initial investment. Potential exits include a sale, merger, spin-off or IPO. Our team has experience in founding, selling and purchasing companies and will use that experience to help our startup companies find the best possible exit for their business.

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