Todd Crosland


In March of 2013, Todd Crosland used his extensive financial experience to create a crowdfunding social media company with the goal of combining startups and investors from all over the world. This company is called Seed Equity Ventures.

Today’s venture capital industry is very specific in terms of location and funding. The United States has by far the most opportunities for venture capital funding and startup opportunities. Todd Crosland’s vision for Seed Equity is to give fair and equal opportunity investing for startups and investors from all over the world.

Investors from all over the world should have the same opportunities to change the world in which they see fit. In today’s world there are a few thousand of VC’s who control the fate of the millions of startups that arise each year. Seed Equity believes that this power should be readily available to the world so that millions of investors have the opportunity to change the world.

Seed Equity’s main goal is to connect startups with investors from all over the globe through its proprietary social investing platform. The investors are able to follow, like, mentor, and invest in companies that they are interested in on the platform. They aim to catch companies in their early growth development stage. Seed equity tries to help their users succeed by encouraging transparency and information sharing.

Todd Crosland Startup Experience:

Todd Crosland Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year AwardTodd Crosland has founded four companies, so he has much experience in the field of startups and business development. He even won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his online foreign exchange trading service, Interbank FX. This company won the award for its fast growing dynamic service that grew to serve over 40,000 customers in 140 different countries with over $1 Trillion in trading volume.  In this digital era, more and more startups are coming to fruition. This is why Mr. Crosland founded Seed Equity: to give easy access to the vast amount of startups that are coming out of the woodwork to investors from all around the world.

Todd Crosland will devote this blog to the most recent and relevant news in today’s startup industry. “You have to be ready for hard work and frugal spending to get the idea off the ground” –Garrett Camp.