Five Attributes to Look for in A Startup Founder


When an entrepreneur is pitching you his or her business, their passion for the venture should be apparent from the time they open their mouth. They need to be fully committed to the mission and exemplify that they will do whatever it takes to see it succeed.


Has the founder started a company before? How successful was it? If he or she was able to grow a successful business prior to this venture, they know the ropes better than a first-time founder and have proven they have the dedication it takes to see a company endure.


Plans and challenges change frequently while building a company. Someone who can adapt and focus on the need of the customer, rather than refuse to abandon the original idea, will be more suited to build a winning company.


Acquiring customers and making sales is not an easy task when a company is getting off the ground. When the founder is likely one of just a few employees, if not the only one, they will need to be persistent, tenacious and motivated to keep the company moving forward. Some will want to throw in the towel after hearing “no” several times. A successful founder will keep pushing through until they hear “yes.”


If you are to be an investor in their company, you want a founder who will be able to communicate issues and how he or she plans to solve them effectively. A founder should be in touch with his or her investors regularly, providing updates on the company and its progress.

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